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Most frequent questions and answers

Please move any heavy furniture and clear the areas that you want to get cleaned. If you have pets then please keep them in a safe area. Make sure to point out any stains or areas that you’d like us to pay special attention to.

This can vary from season to season. Expect really quick drying times in the summer and slower drying times in the winter. After every job I place industrial air dryers on your carpets or upholstery which greatly improve the drying times. Most of the time they will be dry in a few hours.

To keep your carpets looking and performing at their best, it is recommended to have a professional cleaning every 12 months. 

Unfortunately it’s impossible for any carpet cleaner to remove all stains. Sometimes stains can be left on too long and will become permanent. To avoid this it’s best to call us as soon as the stain occurs.

Yes I am fully trained and insured. I have done my carpet and upholstery cleaning training in the UK and I am an expert in identifying different fibers and knowing how to clean them.

You can pay me after the job is completed. I take cash, card or cheque. 

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Although carpet cleaning is our primary service, we also specialize in upholstery cleaning, spot/stain removal and rug cleaning, sanitizing and more! Click the icons below to learn more about other cleaning services we offer the Nenagh and Limerick community!

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